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Teb Tasvir Parsian medical Engineering Company was founded in 2003 with a team of experienced engineers and a history of more than 20 years of experience in supplying consumable equipment and supplies, service and maintenance of medical and dental equipment, especially in the field of medical imaging.د.

After nearly 20 years of favorable activity in the field of medical equipment, dentistry and imaging and having exclusive representation of the world’s leading companies such as:

PRIMAX Gmbh Germany


 HEBU Medical GMBH

JPI  Healthcare 

 Borea Dental French

 NewLife Radiology S.R.L

Quality, customer satisfaction and profitability are the three basic pillars for business continuity, preserving the interests of all interest groups and realizing the vision of Teb Group and Parsian Image Companies. Therefore, senior management to ensure the fulfillment of all quality requirements and customer satisfaction in the field of business sales of medical and dental imaging equipment and services, commitment requirements in contracts and customer requirements, implementation of standardsا OHSAS 18001 , ISO 14001, ISO 10015 ,ISO13485 ,ISO 9001 put on your agenda.

In 2013, villa company was elected as the exclusive representative of VILLA Italy in Iran and at the same time has achieved continuous success in supplying medical consumables and imaging to sell villa products in both medical and dental sectors.

 The result of this effort in 2014 was the installation of several CBCT, OPG, Inter-Oral and digital radiology devices in different parts of the country.

The after-sales service and service department of Teb and Image Parsian Engineering Company currently offers installation, service, maintenance and support of villa medical equipment in both medical and dental sections, relying on experienced technical staff in Tehran and city centers.

For this purpose, in order to improve the processes and qualitative development and organizational structure of Teb Vad image Parsian Company, it uses continuous consultation of one of the senior medical managers of Germany.





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