With two decades of brilliant experience in the fields of

  • Direct import and supply of the latest medical equipment and consumables
  • Dental devices and consumables
  • The latest and highest quality medical imaging equipment
  • Equipping first to end hospitals, clinics, medical and imaging centers, clinics, etc
  • Installation of medical and dental imaging devices
  • Repair and maintenance of medical, dental, hospital and radiology equipment and devices
  • Maintenance of various departments of medical centers
  • Contracts with government and private organizations and bodies
  • Specialized training in the use and repair of medical imaging devices
  • Specialized repairs of all types of serum injection pumps and syringes


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Sale of all kinds of dental and radiology equipment and consumables and retail according to your conditions


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Teb Tasvir Pasrsian Medical Engineering Holding

Teb Tasvir Parsian Medical Engineering Company was established in 2002 with a team of experienced engineers in the field of supplying equipment and supplies, servicing and maintaining medical and dental equipment, especially in the field of medical imaging


After nearly 20 years of favorable activity in the field of medical, dental and imaging equipment and having an exclusive representation of the world's leading companies, it serves the health community

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Technical and engineering unit

The specialists of this company are proud to provide software and hardware services for Panorex devices, single tooth radiography (ACP and DC), RVG intraoral sensor, phosphor plate scanner, serum injection pump and syringe, and other medical, dental and imaging devices and equipment.

Tooth color detection device

Made by French company Borea

Ergonomic design with proper access to all teeth

Autoclavable series

Easy and practical software

Smart mobile application

Automatic calibration

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