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Made in America Mercury Company

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Amalgam Separator Made in USA

Amalgam Separator has the following unique features:

  • Doesn’t require electrical parts
  • Very easy to use without maintenance
  • Suitable for all suction systems
  • Connects directly to the suction line
  • Affordable at a competitive price
  • ISO 11143:2008 Certificate
  • Made in usa with unparalleled quality
  • It prevents the accumulation of amalgam and other materials that can block the pipes and damage the entire suction system
  • Independent filter, to avoid contact with mercury during device replacement
  • Ideal for matching your dental unit types with new rules between the global standard

Special Features Amalgam Separator:

  • Dimensions 25.5 cm 10.2 cm
  • Can be installed on walls, inside or under cabinets or meters to save office space
  • Possibility of installing horizontally and vertically
  • Contains connections of different sizes to match the separator with any type of suction system

The use of amalgam for tooth filling leads to mercury contamination, which is an environmental threat to ecosystems.

In accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for the installation of dental amalgam separators, the California Dental Association (CDA) recently asked dentists to install an amalgam separator system in their offices and clinics. Offices that can confirm that they do not use dental amalgams are exempt from this law unless limited circumstances.

The EPA Act, published in June 2017, aims to reduce mercury emissions to the environment. Most dental offices import mercury into public effluent, meaning it eventually enters rivers, lakes, bays and oceans. Amalgam separators are intended for mercury uptake before discharge in wastewater and are found and ensure proper disposal of mercury. The system must be installed in all dental clinics and clinics by July 14, 2020.

New EPA rule

The new EPA law mandates all dental clinics and clinics to install shielding systems (separators) to prevent amalgam from entering the sewer system, and prohibits cleaning amalgam from filters and draining them in sewage. The law also prohibits the use of pipe cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine, or whose pH is between 6 and 8 and is acidic or contains oxidizing substances, as it may lead to the dissolution of solid mercury when cleaning bowls or kershwar units or central filters (chairside traps) and vacuum tubes. Amalgam waste includes amalgam found in central filters, screens, vacuum pump filters, tools or collection devices.

In addition, the amalgam separator must be in accordance with the specifications provided by the American National Standards Institute / American Dental Association with the number 108 for amalgam separators (in 2009) with technical annex (year 2) 011), the International Standardization Organization 11143 (2008) or later versions that need to achieve removal efficiency of 95% or higher to separate amalgam.

Dental offices are responsible for regular inspection and maintenance of amalgam separators and must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dental clinics and clinics that had installed amalgam separators by June 14, 2017, are required to replace their separators by June 14, 2027. The EPA regulation does not apply to mobile units or offices where one of the dental specialties includes oral pathology, oral and maxillofacular radiology, oral and maxillofacular surgery, orthodontics, periodontix and prostodentix.

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