dental x-ray film

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Primax dental x-ray film is one of the best and highest quality films available in the market, which is a product of Germany.

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Dental x-ray film

Futures of Primax dental x-ray film

  • high sensitive intra oral dental x-ray film in softpack
  • ideal contrast and low fog value
  • excellent image quality at low radiation dose to patients
  • processing  with all standard dental x-ray film chemicals manually or by machine
  • available in two sizes: 22 x 35 mm (100 sheets / pack) and          31 x 41 mm (150 sheets / pack)

One of the types of dental radiology is periapical radiography. And it allows the dentist to examine one or two teeth from inside the mouth from the root to the crown. Dentists can also prescribe this type of radiography if there are abnormal changes in the tooth or its root, to examine the problem and fix it.
In other words, this type of radiograph shows the details of the anatomy of the tooth and the anatomical structure around it, and dentists can accurately examine only a specific tooth by placing a camera inside the mouth through periapical radiography.

Instructions of dental x-ray film


In order for the periapical radiography to be done correctly, it is necessary for the radiologist to adjust the proper position of the patient’s head and the angle of the X-ray rays. The head should be in the mid-sagittal plane, that is, it should be perpendicular to the horizontal line. When taking images from the upper jaw, the Comper line should be parallel to the floor, and when taking images from the lower jaw, the tramus-commissure line should be parallel. Also, depending on the techniques, there are changes in the position of the patient’s head.

Periapical radiography is performed when possible injuries inside the mouth cannot be seen with the naked eye.

It allows viewing the entire tooth, including the crown, root, apex, surrounding bone tissue and periodontal space.

The radiographic film of a single tooth is used in the following cases:

– Examination and observation of periodontal effects
– Investigating the endodontic process before, during and after it is done
– Diagnosis of periapical lesions around the tooth such as periapical cysts
– Investigating and diagnosing dental caries in order to classify them.
– The appearance of cavities, granulomas, cysts and other injuries
– Post-injury assessment
– Dental implants

Primax dental x-ray film is one of the best and highest quality films available in the market, which is a product of Germany.

Primex dental x-ray film has two sizes for children and adults

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