High quality videoprint rolls

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TecnoScan high quality videoprint rolls made by La TecnoCarta S.R.L Italy


Technoscan High Quality videoprint rolls is produced in dimensions of 110mm x 20m. This product is in the initial packaging of 10 rolls and 100 rolls in carton packaging. The number of prints per roll is about 250 sections or parts. Tecnoscan 110-S videoprint rolls is recommended for UP-850, UP-870, UP-890, UP-895 and UP-897 series printers.

These papers provide you with a better report due to their high resolution.

On average, each roll of technoscan ultrasound paper can be used for 250 sections.

Considering that Technoscan is one of the biggest manufacturers of thermal printers, the papers of this company are also among the best of this product.

TecnoscanTM is the family of premium videoprint rolls for Sony® and Mitsubishi® ultrasound printers manufactured in Italy by TecnocartaTM.
The careful selection of base materials, from the thermal film to the roll cores, ensures a top-performing and trouble-free operation on all printer models.

Futures of High quality videoprint rolls


  • Each roll in a pouch
  • Easy-open dispenser box
  • Recyclable packaging

Excellent print quality

improved optical density, high resolution

High durability

resistant to water, gel, heat, light, fingerprints

Top range thermal film

easy to tear, does not curl

Easy storage

a cool, dark place is all you need

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