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Intraoral Sensor RVG Digisens HD model made by NEW LIFE Italy

The best CMOS technology with an ergonomic design that can easily adapt to the anatomy of the oral cavity.

DIGISENS HD is an innovative, flexible and highly resistant sensor capable of producing high quality images.

Digital radiography:

The first system in dental digital radiography is the RVG sensor (RVG) or Radiovisiography, which was introduced by the French company Trophy in 1987. Digital radiography is a method of displaying radiographic images using a solid technological sensor consisting of electronic components. The displayed image is viewed and stored on the computer system with the help of this sensor.

The digital image is a range of dark and light areas that can be seen on the film. But the nature of digital image is completely different from film. A digital image is a collection of cells in a matrix of rows and columns. Each cell is divided into three numbers: X-axis, Y-axis and Gray Value. The gray value is the number that corresponds to the X-ray intensity at the same position when the sensor is exposed.

There are two types of advanced technology in digital dental imaging systems:

1. Direct digital imaging

2. Semi-direct digital imaging

Intraoral sensor RVG 

Intraoral Sensor RVG consists of three main layers in direct digital imaging and is upgraded to 5 layers in high quality types:

scintillator layer

CMOS or CCD sensor

electronic board

Anti-shock layer

Fiber-optic layer


Intraoral Sensor RVG model DIGISENS HD has very high performance speed

  • Easy to install, move and transport
  • Produce high quality images in real time
  • The ability to save images on the computer and save time and space
  • It has imaging software to manage saved images
Available in 2 sizes:

Size 1 – active area 30.01 x 20 mm

Size 2 – active area 37.96 x 25.95 mm

Our intraoral sensor produces excellent, high-quality images with excellent resolution (28lp/mm) without the use of traditional film, without waiting, and with very short exposure times.

Images are sent directly to your screen.

Our imaging software is a dynamic and intuitive system. It guides the user through its practical content by quickly highlighting its essential functions

Technical specifications of Digisens HD intraoral sensor:

technical parameterstechnical parameters

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New Life

New Life

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