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2 megapixel color medical monitor of Coronic brand, made by South Korean Barco company

Coronis Color 2MP is a color display system with high flexibility and 1600×1200 resolution for accurate diagnosis in various medical diagnosis applications. Typical application areas of this monitor include PACS imaging, color ultrasound, 3D imaging, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, nuclear medicine, PET-CT fusion, etc..

Unparalleled color accuracy

With Coronic’s proprietary 2-megapixel color medical monitor display system, you’ll gain diagnostic certainty and reliable performance for visualizing color-enhancing modalities. The versatile Coronis Color 2MP is a multi-functional display system that meets the industry’s most stringent medical approvals. It provides radiologists and users with an effective visualization solution for a wide range of color applications.

The perfection of Grayscale technology

This monitor relies on proven technology, accuracy and ultimate performance. Advanced 10-bit architecture ensures accurate image display with 1024 shades of gray simultaneously from a 4096 palette for respected doctors..

Transparent calibration ensures quality of medical monitor

Coronis Color 2MP combined with MediCal QAWeb for automatic calibration and QA ensures consistent diagnostic quality and maximum uptime of your workstation. MediCal QAWeb allows you to keep track of your diagnoses while automated QA checks are in progress. In addition, the system also includes a secure online web service for remote and centralized image quality management.

Worry-free DICOM compliance under any lighting conditions

The integrated I-Guard continuously protects the illumination output of the diagnostic viewing area. Combined with the MediCal QAWeb software, the patented I-Guard enables fast and easy calibration, automated quality assurance testing and remote monitor diagnostics.

The electronic ambient light compensation (ALC) system guarantees that the above medical monitor remains DICOM compliant in all lighting conditions by adapting its brightness to the ambient light conditions.

CORONIC 2 megapixel color medical monitor comes with the following items:
  • 2 megapixel color flat screen
  • MediCal QAWeb software for automatic calibration and quality assurance
  • A high-speed, high-performance display controller

Attributes :

  • Excellent brightness and contrast in both color and grayscale
  • Uniform presentation of the image on the entire page
  • Consistent, worry-free DICOM compliance under any lighting conditions
  • High-performance display controllers for optimal productivity in 2D and 3D
  • Online service for calibration and QA
  • Integrated base concept for convenient viewing of multiple heads
  • Ergonomic design
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