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Primax Medical X-ray film

Premax medical x-ray films are made in Germany and due to their reasonable price and good quality, they are placed in the position of top brands. The films of this brand are sold in both analog and digital formats. medical x-ray film are available in 5 sizes: 24×18, 30×24, 35×35, 43×35 and 40×30.

for use with green emitting intensifying screens
  • universal, high-speed, green sensitive medical X-ray film
  • double side coated film on blue polyester base
  • suitable for a complete range of applications
  • excellent contrast and low gross fog
  • high image quality in all processing conditions
  • suitable for automatic and manual processing
  • available in all customary sizes (cm and inch) in 100 sheet packing

Primax Medical X-ray film Technical Information

Average gradient:

2.38 (+/- 15%) as per DIN 6867, part 1

Darkroom light:

Red safety filter with light intensity of 57 mlux (DIN 6868/ part 2)

Filter recommendation:

Agfa R-1, Kodak GBX-2 or similar ones

    • Standard 90 seconds processing system at 34°C with minimum 90 seconds developing/fixing/washing/ drying or according to recommendation of the producer
    • Manual processing at 20°C/5 minutes developing time (hardener required to be added to the fixing bath). If using other temperature/time combination process must be adopted.

In case of manual processing it is to be considered that contrast, speed and maximum density are differing from the figures given herewith for the machine processing.

Screen recommendation (rare earth based):

PRIMAX G 200, G 400 CAWO OG 2, OG 4, OG 8, OG 16 Agfa Curix Ortho Fine, Medium, Regular, Fast Agfa CPG 100, CPG 200, CPG 400 Kodak Lanex Fine, Medium, Regular, Fast

Packing and Sizes:
    • All usual cm and inch sizes are available
    • Packing in 100 sheet boxes, 5 boxes of 100 sheets in one transport master carton
    • Packing NIF (without interleaves between film sheets)
    • torage: unprocessed film should be stored at maximum 25°C
    • protection necessary against ionizing radiation (max. 90 nGy/h)
    • protection necessary against the influence of chemicals

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