Portable Doppler ultrasound machine


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SLE-1100 color doppler portable ultrasound machine made by Modelkom company

Unique features of portable Doppler ultrasound machine

The computer-based color Doppler ultrasound machine manufactured by Modelkom Medical Company provides optimal image quality and comprehensive functions by solving ultrasound problems in an integrated manner. It creates practical choices and good investments for doctors.

  • Compliance of measurement packages with the clinical needs of various types of applications.
  • Providing comfortable and easy user experience by efficient workflow for dear users.
  • High post-processing capacity along with high quality image resolution.
  • Mobile phone standby support.


Advanced imaging technologies:

Image enhancement technology
  • It reduces noise spots and also improves image quality.
Inverted harmonic imaging + combined frequency imaging
  • Excellent penetration and finer 2D image
Multiple shooting modes
  • B/C/PW/CW/BCD triple imaging, wide angle scanning imaging and panoramic imaging
  • Trapezoidal image scanning, anatomical M mode, color M device
Spatial composite imaging
  • Combining images from multiple scanned angles to reduce artifacts and improve image quality
Color Doppler enhancement technology
  • It effectively suppresses color Doppler flicker noise and improves color flow clarity and sensitivity
Multi-beam forming technology
  • Increases time resolution and frame rate
Optimized imaging with one key
  • Automatically adjust image optimization parameters with one key.
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SLE 1100

Trolley Color Doppler

Ultrasound System

SLE1100, the PC based color Doppler ultrasound platform from Medelcom International medical, is featured with integrated ultrasound solutions, optimal image quality and comprehensive functions. It provides practical choices and good investments for clinicians.

– Measurement packages meet with clinical needs of different applications;

– Efficient workflow provides easy and comfortable operation experience to users;

– Powerful post-processing capacity, superior image quality;

– Support mobile standby;

Advanced Imaging Technologies

– Image enhancement technology

Reduce speckle noise and improve image quality

– Phase-inversion harmonic imaging+frequency compound imaging

Ensure excellent penetration and more delicate 2D image

– Multiple imaging modes

B/C/PW/CW/BCD triplex imaging, Wide-angle Steer scanning imaging, panoramic imaging,

Trapezoid imaging, Anatomical M mode, Color M mode

– Spatial compound imaging

Combining images from multi-angle to reduce artifact and improve image quality

Compounding images from multiple scanned angles to reduce artifact and improve image quality

– Color Doppler enhancement technology

Effectively suppress color Doppler flashing noise and improve the color flow resolution and sensitivity

– Multi-beam formation technology

Increases time resolution and frame rate

– One key image optimization

Automatically adjust imaging parameters to optimize the image with one key




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