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What is a serum injection pump?

A serum injection pump is a device for injecting liquids and drugs into the patient’s circulatory system. If you do not trust the nurse who is responsible for injecting medicine or blood, using a serum pump is the best option.

The injection can be adjusted using a pump, for example, this serum can be adjusted in such a way that 0.1 ml of liquid is injected every hour or minute, or the liquid is injected during the day at different intervals of time. be injected differently.

The main job of this pump is to control the amount of medicine or blood injected into the patient’s body. These pumps are used in medical centers such as hospitals, health centers and homes.

What the serum pump does can be done manually, but this pump has many advantages that make it preferable. Among these advantages is the ability to inject liquid in a very small volume, precise planning of blood injection or making it possible to inject automatically.

Liquids that can be injected using a serum pump:

  • Insulin
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Nutrients
  • Housing
  • hormone
  • Blood

Unique features of the DAIWHA DI-2000-2200 serum infusion pump

  • Compatible with different types of intravenous injection sets

DI 2200/2000 can save the correct setting information in the data program for different brands of injection sets. The list of injection sets in the data program can be continuously upgraded at the request of the consumer.

  • Hardware upgrade

Easy hardware upgrade: User can easily download the upgrade F/W software from our website and install the upgrade version of F/W on the consumer’s computer which is connected to DI-2000/2200 by USB. , to upgrade.

  • Performance control

Device performance records up to 1000 items at 2000/2200 DI. The user can control it through a computer connected to the DI-2000.

  • Automatic calculation of injection amount

Adjusting the injection dose is easy.

Automatic calculation of injection amount.

Automatic calculation of injection amount and time

  • Battery operation

The operating time of the device with battery is from 4 to 6 hours.

  • Superior safety with a variety of different alarm functions
  1. The door is open, blocking (detection capacity: 950-100 mm Hg), three adjustable stages of low flow blocking,
  2. Air (bubble) detection, low battery, injection complete (automatic switch – on KVO position), standby alarm malfunction warning (about two minutes) – when no key is pressed during standby for injection.
  3. Drop sensor (optional) – removal with addition during operation, full drop, no drop, differential drop (effective difference in drops)
  • Convenient operation of the device
  1. It has the ability to program the amount of injection without stopping
  2. Blues and stops with one call
  3. Nurse call: Monitoring is possible if the alarm goes off.
  4. Date and time: Date and time can be controlled without power supply, because the clock is installed.
  5. Stop: After the preset time has passed, when the stop button is pressed and the injection is stopped, the injection will resume (contract 2 minutes, setting range from 1 minute to 24 hours in units of 1 minute) )
  6. It has a program with a high capacity to store 100 different orders
  7. Anti-liquid drip
  8. 5% ± Accuracy
  9. Flow Rates 0.1~ 1200 ml/h
  10. It has a DC 12 current inpImpermeable to liquidsut for use inside the car and ambulance
  11. Has a key lock
  12. Global standard for all parts of the device
  13. It has 18 months warranty and 10 years after sales service
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