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DAIWHA MEDIFUSION MS-2200 syringe injection pump made in Korea

In the intensive care unit and after surgery, there are many cases where an effective substance enters the patient’s blood continuously and for a certain period of time. In such cases, accuracy in the injection rate and its regularity are very important.

This device is used in almost all intensive care units, especially in the cardiac intensive care unit. Since the inner diameter of the syringe is generally standard and fixed, the injection speed can be controlled by adjusting the linear speed of the syringe piston. Normally, these devices are used to inject drugs in small volumes, because they generally use 5 cc to 50 cc syringes. Since the accuracy of this device is 0.1 CC/hr, the drugs are generally less diluted when using them, which is an advantage. Because in many cases, a large volume of liquids is very harmful, and if it is possible to inject the patient’s medicine in a small volume without interfering with the accuracy of the device, it will have a significant impact on the quality of treatment.

This issue has caused the syringe pump to be used more than the infusion pump in cardiac departments and CCUs. When using Iranian syringes, it should be noted that the inner diameter of the syringes is standard, otherwise, devices should be used that allow defining the inner diameter of the syringe. In fact, the device that has this possibility works in Iran, otherwise only standard syringes should be used. For this purpose, the device can be adjusted for a type of syringe with a specific brand and ensure that this brand of syringe is used in the treatment department for at least a few months. It is natural that by changing the syringe brand, the device must be re-adjusted for this new brand, otherwise the accuracy of the device will be lost.

Unique features of DAIWHA syringe injection pump

  • No need for a special syringe and the ability to work with 30 brands of syringes known in the world
  • Ability to detect and inject with 10, 20, 30, 50 ml syringes and for the first time 100 ml syringes.
  • A wide range of adjustable current value in the device
  • 0.1 – 9.99 ml/h in steps of 0.1 ml/h
  • and 100-1500 mL/h in steps of 1 mL/h
  • Audio and video alarms
  • Low battery, very low battery, obstruction, pre-alarm setting in minutes, (KVO) value in ml/hour, end of injection, empty syringe, unauthorized syringe, piston not sized and adjusted, clamp open.
  • It has a technical fault warning system in the device on the LCD
  • The battery life of the device is from 2 to 8 hours
  • With titration capability (the injection rate can be changed during injection without stopping the injection)
  • Program with high capacity to save Order 100 injections and record the type of medicine
  • 1% ± Accuracy
  • The ability to determine the rate in mg/min, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/min, µg/kg/h, µg/kg/min, ml/h, mg/h and…
  • Embedding numbers on the keyboard that makes the operation of the operator easier
  • The ability to determine the concentration, the ability to lock the keyboard and impervious to liquids
  • It has the ability of Automatic Bolus and Manual Bolus and rate adjustment
  • Display the total injection volume on the LCD
  • It has KVO capability (abbreviation of Keep Vein Open, which means that it works with this mode at an adjustable rate after the injection of the syringe is finished)
  • Global CE standards for all parts of the device
  • It has 18 months warranty and 10 years after sales service


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