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Primax X-ray film developer for automatic processing (liquid)


  • three-part universal X-ray film developer with improved consistency and stability
  • developer for automatic processing in conventional systems
  • good sensitometric results with low fog values in a wide range of temperatures
  • replenishment rate: 400 – 600 ml / m2  medical X-ray film
  • each carton contains concentrates for 2 x 20 l final solution

Instruction Use & Technical information of Primax Roll Dev

Replenishment :

For processing of 1 m² X-ray film 400 to 600 ml replenisher are necessary at standard conditions. Generally replenishment occurs automatically by addition of the solution depending on film amount.

Mix Instructions :

First dissolve part A completely in water, afterwards add part B under permanent stirring and then part C in the same way. Finally add water to get 20 l ready-to-use product.

Mixing of X – ray developer working solution :

To prepare a fresh working tank solution, add 25 mls of Starter concentrate per Litre of tank volume to the ready mixed replenisher .

Storage and Handling :
    •  Until the preparation the concentrate has to be kept in the closed original package and stored at temperatures of 10 to 25 °C.
    •  X-ray Film chemicals contain components which may cause irritations in case of contact with the skin.
    •  In case of contact with the eyes it has to be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of running cold water by opened eyelid and a medical doctor has to be consulted.

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