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Primax X-ray film fixer

X-ray film fixer for automatic processing (liquid) wo-part universal X-ray film fixer for using in processors of roller transport type  with fixing times at 15 s or more
Description of x-ray film fixer
  • X-ray Film fixer for Automatic Processing in processors of roller transport type with fixing times at 15 s or more
  • Because of its excellent hardening properties and fast working fixer components this product is suitable for use in fast going machines.
  • for medium to high production volume
  • application in conjunction with Developer Primax Roll Dev
  • liquid concentrates, two parts (5,0 l / 1,25 l)
  • For fixing of 1 m2 X-ray film 600 to 800 ml replenisher are necessary at standard conditions.
  • Generally replenishment occurs automatically by adding solution depending on film amount.
Storage and Handling of Roll Dev and Roll Fix:
  • These chemicals are suited for all kinds of processors, except of tabletop processors, and for all processing cycles.
  • Make sure the processing room is well ventilated. Air ventilation of 10 times the room volume per hour is recommended.
  • Until the preparation the concentrates have to be kept in the closed original package and stored at temperatures of 4 to 24 °C.
  • X-ray Film chemicals contain components which may cause irritations in case of contact with the skin.
  • In case of contact with the eyes it has to be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of running cold water by opened eyelid and a medical doctor has to be consulted.
  • The disposal of used photographic processing solutions has to be done in accordance with the legal regulations.
  • Consult the Safety Data Sheet for further detailed information relating safety, health and environmental aspects.
  • Easy bottle opening: Simply open the cap, place it upside down on the bottle, apply a little pressure and turn the cap clockwise to break the ECO seal.
  • Easy automatic mixing: You can easily mix the parts using automatic mixing units. Remove the cap, invert the bottle with the ECO seal over the seal opener and press. The seal is automatically broken and the contents can flow into the tank of the mixing unit.

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